about me
My name is Gabe, I'm a game designer and gameplay programmer. 
I'd probably love to work with you!
My Skills
- Game Engines: Unity, GameMaker (All Versions), Construct 2, Construct 3
- Programming Languages: C#, JavaScript, Lua, GML (GameMaker Language)
- 2D Software: Paint.NET, GIMP, Aseprite, Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, Gravit Designer
- 3D Software: Autodesk Maya
- Video Editing: Blender (yes, Blender), Adobe Premiere
Fun Facts
- I started making games when I was 13, which led me to stop all school home-work related activities. I still managed to graduate.
- I have an extensive acting background. Having acted in the Brazilian telenovela "A Senhora Do Destino" when I was 4 and in several plays through high school, including "Grease"; "Les Miserables", and a comedy/drama I wrote, but got shut down due to the school's firm policy against cross-dressing.
- I'm Brazilian.
- I'm fluent in 3 languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and English.